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Hello all,
Once again it is that time of year that we give thanks to all that we have received. For six years plus this band has been blessed to continue on rocking this area. In saying that, may I say “Thank You” to the following:

Most of all our family… there is never enough that you can say about these wonderful people who support us in the love of music.

Our friends that come watch us play… you people are amazing. Thank you so much for joining us at our shows and making this music world fun every single time we play.

The owners managers and event directors who hire this band. Thank you so much for letting us perform and being our friends

Kurt and Ella Hanson our website GODS…”we aren’t worthy”

Connoisseur Media… Willy, Kaitlyn, Darin, Michael and Jack... you guys rock!!!!!

The Billings Gazette and the Billings Outpost. Thank you Jaci, Cathy, Anna and David. You all are so instrumental in keeping live music alive in Billings...

Hansen Music. Thanks for being there for us.

Mark Lynde for designing our backdrop, you are the best.

Val Krum for doing our logo...

Brownie Bob Malcolm: There are not enough words to say how much you do for us.

Matt & Royce for their help on our bigger venues.

Tony Shandy for being a part of the band for so many years. I wish you the best.

Maria for joining us and the dedication to help us out on short notice.

My band mates, Jumbo, Billy, Maria, and Dave. Thank you for putting up with “Temper Tim” and making music so much fun.

On a personal note, thanks Dr. Shenton, Linda and Kristine

If I forgot anybody please accept my apology.


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